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A work mate of mine told me to see Rick after struggling with a chronic shoulder injury.
It was stopping me from surfing, doing weights, even push ups. I'd tried 4 or physios already and was hesitant to try another. However my mate Cam was persistent, so I went along and was glad I did!
The treatment was a lot different, intense and right to the source of my pain. As my shoulder pain eased, rick got me started doing weights to improve my posture. I am still keeping these up today and going great guns.
Tim Jovic

I heard an add on SEN for chronic shoulder pain. Booked in to see Rick for my frozen shoulder of 18 months suffering. 

Bloody painful, but the improvement was noticeable from day one. Shoulder now 100%. If you can put up with the fact he is a rotten hawthorn supporter, then I can't recommend him enough

I saw rick for back pain a few years back, which worked really well. After my shoulder started playing up, I called to ricks office again to see if he could help. Couple of treatment later, good as gold.

A few weeks back into lifting heavy again at gym, I started getting intense shoulder pain that stopping my doing any chest or shoulders.
Found rick on web, booked in following week and got instant improve. Really deep work into my shoulder has freed it right up and I'm back lifting heavy. Thanks mate.
Steven Henwood

I have been seeing Elliott on and off for over 3 years, due to my work my shoulders tighten up after long days sitting at a desk. I know i'm always only one visit with Elliott away from hazing my shoulders, neck and upper back feeling back to normal.

‘I was in excruciating pain and was unable to work. I was taking pain killers and was unable to sleep or even rest due to the severity of my pain. I began seeing Daniel once a week and within 3 visits I was feeling great!’

‘5 years ago I broke my neck in a motorbike accident. Since then I have seen countless different physios, all promising results. I had received no relief from the pain until I saw Daniel’

‘For over 10 years, I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain which caused me severe headaches. I had tried everything; physio, chiropractic, osteopaths, even acupuncture, but nothing had worked. After a few months of weekly sessions, for the first time since I could remember, I was completely pain free. I can’t recommend their treatment highly enough.’

‘Constant pain in my upper back for approximately 18 months and visiting numerous chiropractors, masseurs and other practitioners, with only limited results (my relief lasting for only the 24 hours following treatment), I had thought that the pain was just something I would have to live with. After the first one hour treatment the results were amazing, then a second one hour treatment saw the pain thankfully gone. Your knowledge of muscular problems, even over the phone before my first visit, really gave me confidence in your treatment, as you mentioned other problems that I was having (i.e. breathing restrictions) even before you saw me. I have no hesitations in recommending this treatment, as I am extremely impressed with the results’.

‘I’d been suffering from lower back pain and debilitating headaches for over 10 years. When my symptoms began I went to see my GP, had scans and found nothing unusual; apart from my terrible posture from long hours of sitting at the computer in the office. Over the past decade I visited countless chiropractors, physios, and remedial massage therapists and even tried Reiki to fix my posture and alleviate my symptoms but nothing seemed to provide any long term relief.
Eventually the pain became so bad that I had to quit my job. I joined a gym and while watching the weird exercises that I saw some personal trainers prescribing their clients, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I completed a PT course and learned about functional exercise. I had some success treating myself but the results still weren't long lasting. I had almost given up and resigned myself to the fact that my back pain and headaches were never going to go away.
That's when I heard Daniel from Back Solutions. I was extremely sceptical by this stage but for some reason, and I couldn't tell you why, the ad resonated with me and I decided to give them a try. They guaranteed results so what could I lose? There I was introduced to Daniel. It turns out that Daniel particular blend of exercise and muscular therapy was exactly what I needed. The treatment addressed both the symptoms and the cause of my pain and it was only a few short weeks before my headaches disappeared completely. My back pain took a little longer to address but within 3 months I was enjoying pain free days and by the time 6 months went by my posture had improved considerably and my back pain was almost gone. I had got my life back. I was so inspired by my results that I have since completed a Health Science course and am planning to join Daniel to help others achieve the same results as I have. I can't thank the team enough. Their patience, understanding, compassion and knowledge put Daniel at the top of the class and when they guarantee you results they mean it. If you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain don't waste your time seeing someone else. Go straight to Daniel and let him fix it for you. Thank Daniel for everything you have done for me’.

‘In 1988 I was in a serious car accident.
I was lucky to be alive and able to walk again after breaking my c1, c2 and c3 and have been in pain for over 20 years.
After trying every type of treatment you can imagine being told I will never to be fixed there is nothing we can do, consulting surgeons all around Australia and over $40,000 worth of treatment.
2 years on I’m basically pain free, continuing my gym workouts and see Daniel Fortnightly for a maintenance session’.

I hit a low point when after finishing my final year 12 exam I walked out and burst in to tears and went straight home to bed to try and sleep off my migraine that had made it near impossible for me to do my exam. I was absolutely helpless and thought I had just thrown my future down the drain as a result of yet another migraine that no one seemed to be able to help me with. Throughout my entire year 12 I suffered with migraines 2-3 times a week and sometimes more, it made it incredibly hard for me to get through my VCE. I have now seen Elliot for 8 Months and have not experienced a headache or migraine in 6 months. He gave me great advice and it was great to finally have a practitioner who had gone through something very similar to myself and not just tell me to drink more water and get some exercise like everyone else. To anyone suffering with migraines or headaches I would definitely recommend Elliot.

At Back Pain Solutions I had an honest appraisal of my chronic back condition and a clear pathway set out for what we could achieve. Elliott’s professional approach and direction has seen me obtain strength, stability and confidence in my back that I thought I would never achieve again.
Paul Height

I have been scheduling appointments with Elliott since June 2015. Since then I have experienced an increase in comfort when performing day to day activities, as well as a faster recovery time from general soreness after physical activity as I was shown stretched to combat my target areas. It is always made sure that I am feeling comfortable during our sessions and overall it has been a great experience so far.
Abbie McNamara

After years of back pain Elliott had me back playing tennis within only a handful of treatments, my back now feels better than ever.
When I first met Elliott he gave me a very direct explanation of my back pain and why I was experiencing it, he also gave me all the information I needed in terms of my recovery and the pathway that needed to be taken in order to restore strength and get me back living my life without the constant fear of hurting my back. It’s been 8 months with no pain what so ever, I never thought it was possible.
10 years ago I went to catch my girlfriend who fell from a human pyramid whilst playing at the beach, I caught her at full stretch just before she hit the ground. This resulted n an ambulance trip, 5 days in the Epworth Hospital and a disc bulge at L5/S1. I didn’t receive surgery at the time and I spent the next 6 months doing physio and pilates. I was able to get myself back to work as a full time mechanic and maintain my back with swimming and being careful about what I lifted. But to my best effort I would still have a relapse every year or so, resulting in sciatica and complete muscle spasm in the left side of my body. I have exhausted all avenues at this point and been to multiple neurosurgeons, had multiple epidurals and seen many phyisos. My latest relapse was in November 2015, I had another MRI which shows that I have degenerative disc disease and two disc bulges.
From there I a friend suggested I go and see Elliott at Back Solutions by a family friend. Elliott received me at my worst, and over the last 10 months he has trained my body through a unique approach I had never come across in the past. This has corrected my posture and relieved the pressure on my problem discs. I am almost completely sciatica free and getting more confident everyday with my back. It has been hard work and taken some determination but I cant thank Elliott and back Solutions Enough for their efforts and cannot wait to see where I go from here.
Craig Walton

Hi my name is Daniel, I am 24 years old I came to Back Solutions because I was having a lot of back and hip problems, which then led to even bigger problems. I play a lot of sport but in doing so I kept tearing my right hamstring; I’m currently up to 11 tears. Other problems included sitting down for long periods and even trying to get out of bed.
On my first visit I explained my situation and Elliot then set out a program on how we were going to fix it and make me strong again. Three months on I am pain free, I have gained a lot more movement and no longer have any trouble sitting down or getting out of bed. The biggest joy ill have is getting back out on the footy field next year fit, strong and healthy.
Daniel Sinnott

I have been seeing Elliot for 3+ years for a wide variety of sport injuries and debilitating soreness incurred from day to day labour working in construction and I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Elliot's unique & thorough hands on method has me back on the field and allows me to return to work pain free and efficiently.
A very precise and professional service that I trust and standby by the results.
Ryan Stone

For three years I struggled to find a solution to the health problems that held me back in every part of my life. I was victim of two unfortunate events in 2009 (a motorcycles crash and assult) that left me with no immediate symptoms. However, throughout 2010 I began to experience extreme migraines, vision impairment, lack of energy, dizziness and finally the inability to communicate clearly all on a daily basis. The pain was difficult to define; it was an overarching dulling of the senses that would linger for hours. The problems really were all encompassing and I could not function the way I wished and my social life, work and study suffered. My first port of call was of course my GP who diagnosed my issue as an ear infection. One set of anti-biotic later I was told he couldn’t help me. Due to the wide variety of my symptoms it was difficult to know here to start so I tried them all. I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist, eye specialist, and a neurologist (I was recommended to a neurologist after trying two other gp) each costing upwards of around $120. My frustration grew with every visit. Each specialist would see me for fifteen minutes and then tell me there was nothing they could do. They did not even bother to recommend other treatments. Disillusioned with the mainstream health industry I looked to alternative forms of care. Via a friend I was recommended to a chiropractor (this is in 2011). I received good results at the time of care but was horrified to find my symptoms coming back to the same intensity, often within hours of my care. It was liberating in some ways because I knew there was a way out of whatever it was that I had, but in other ways, going three times a week and only receiving temporary progress, even after over a year of treatment was disillusioning. I continued to see the chiropractor on and off as much as I could afford because it was the only way I could continue with work and study. Then in 2013 I had a stroke of luck when I biked past Daniels Camberwell clinic. By this point I was at a wits end and was prepared to try anything (I was spending $180, a week, $60 per session on chiropractor treatment and seeing little permanent progress). Daniel told me he’s meet people who had the same symptoms as me before and that he’s experienced the inadequacies of the health industry first hand in different fields. He was very open about everything and all the awkwardness I felt when seeing other health practitioners was lost. I decided to give it a go. What kept me coming back over those first few weeks were the communication pathways he held open. I felt at ease communicating exactly what I was feeling and how I’d been progressing feedback was essential to my understanding of my health issues. The first weeks were spent working away at my muscles. Slowly but surely we moved on and made definitive progress. Once we started the strengthening programme I felt a definite improvement stability in my health develop. I was no longer at the mercy of my symptoms. They lessened both in their severity and frequency and I felt like I had control over them as opposed to being at their mercy. My innate sense of humour and confidence that had I’d lost since 2009 came back to me. I’m now at a point where I see myself being at a hundred percent by the end of the year. I cannot thank Daniel enough for that entire he has done. I asked a lot of him and he delivered.
Anthony Ball.

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