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Pain Solutions Richmond can eliminate your knee pain using deep tissue massage and strength training exercises. They offer a free assessment and money back guarantee on all work.

Are you suffering from persistent knee pain that is not responding to standard treatment?

If you are looking for a fast approach to both getting rid of your knee pain and allowing you to get active in your desired sport or activity then we can help you.

Most people who present to our clinic after lots of therapy, the concern is that all the focus has been on the knee itself, whilst neglecting the hip region that plays an important role on both the structure and function of the knee.

If the hip region is tight and or weak then it greatly impacts the knee joint resulting in pain, discomfort and potentially localised pathology at the knee.

The solution is addressing both - address the symptoms locally at the knee, however ensure that the postural imbalances created from the hip region are rectified to provide the fastest solution to getting back out and being active.

For more information on our unique approach to chronic, persistent knee pain please call one of our friendly admin team today on 9909 9905.

How muscular imbalances in the hip region and upper thigh results in knee pain and disfunction?

If one or both gluteus maximus muscles (major muscle in our hip/ buttock that are designed to support the weight of our structure) are weak and not able to carry out their dedicated role then this affects the entire biomechanic of the body, especially the knee joint.

The deeper muscles of the hip (internal/ external rotators) compensate for the weakness in the major gluteal muscles resulting in them becoming tight, restricted and shortened. This permanently internally rotates the hips, in turn creating an anterior pelvic tilt. Most of the person's body weight then is distributed forward of the midline.

How does this affect the knee?

When the hips are internally rotated, one becomes tight deep in the hips, the hip flexors, quads and ITB.
This further weakens the glutes, hamstrings, adductors and VMO (vastus medialis oblique).
This compromises the structure and function of the knee joint in several ways that can create pain and restriction of movement:

1 The knee moves forward of the midline due to being more dominant in the quads which results in a greater load on the knee joint.
2 Instability at the joint due to lack of strength and support (VMO, adductor, hamstring and gluteal muscles)
3 ITB friction syndrome (pain in the knee due to extremely tight ITB)
4 Patella tendonitis, due to excessive tension in the rectus quadratus muscle.

Regardless of the condition or pathology present at the knee joint, if the complaint is chronic then it is imperative that treatment measures address both the symptoms (locally at the knee joint) and the cause (gluteal weakness/ hip misalignment).

Rick Saunders

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Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. Rick has a current success rate at greater than 97%. Book Rick

Daniel Rodgers

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Chronic pain is Daniel’s specialties.
Outside of the clinic Daniel has worked with, AFL teams such as The Western Bulldogs and Carlton Blues, the A-League soccer team Melbourne United, Australian Open tennis athletes as well as international Olympic athletes.Book Daniel

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Elliott’s real passion is working with chronic back and sciatic pain and has spent countless hours working with people to eradicate their pain for good. Elliott is committed to working with you to guarantee your pain never returns. Book Elliott
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