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Melbourne Hip Pain Treatment Clinic, Richmond

Are you suffering from chronic hip pain and desperate to find a lasting solution to get rid of your pain, and allow you to get out there and be active again?

Melbourne chronic pain treatment and relief clinics can help you. They have years of experience in pain relief and eliminating long term pain. They specialist in eliminating long term pain that has failed to respond to other treatments

If you have chronic hip pain, have seen countless people for it, with no lasting solution to your pain then we are not surprised. Countless people present to our clinic at their wits end and desperate for a solution to their chronic hip pain. 

You need a very different approach to your chronic hip pain, and that is what we will provide you.

What causes deep seated hip pain?

Lets keep it really simple - if the major muscle of the hips (gluteus maximus muscle) which are the chief anti gravitant muscle (ie what keeps us standing upright) are weak then the deeper muscles of the hip have to compensate and carry the excess load.
These deeper muscles (internal/ external rotators of the hip) are not designed to carry this load, in turn they become tight, restricted. This restriction caused one or both hips to internally rotate which further jamms the hip and compromised space and movement. 
The lack of movement, restricted at the hip joint and extremely tight soft tissue (fascia and muscles) results in chronic pain that can last for years on end if not effectively diagnosed and addressed.

What need to be done to rectify deep seated tension/ pain in the hip?

Eradicating the symptoms:  A unique form of deep myofascial release techniques dedicating at releasing the tight/ restricted tissue deep in the hip.

Addressing the cause: Movement patterns and exercises to correct the weakness in the major muscles of the hips (gluteus maximus) to prevent the same complaint returning.

If there is one region of the body we pride ourselves on effectively treating, it is without a doubt the hips.
When one or both of the hips are restricted, it alters your entire biomechanics. So regardless of where your chronic pain is, the hips must be included in the treatment process.

From your very first session, we will hit the exact source of your pain giving you the confidence that your chronic hip pain can be overcome by addressing the exact cause of your pain.

For more information on how we can help you, please call one of our friendly admin team on 9909 9905

Rick Saunders

Lower Back

Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. Rick has a current success rate at greater than 97%. Book Rick

Daniel Rodgers

Lower back
Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines

Chronic pain is Daniel’s specialties.
Outside of the clinic Daniel has worked with, AFL teams such as The Western Bulldogs and Carlton Blues, the A-League soccer team Melbourne United, Australian Open tennis athletes as well as international Olympic athletes.Book Daniel

Elliot Christopher

Lower Back

Elliott’s real passion is working with chronic back and sciatic pain and has spent countless hours working with people to eradicate their pain for good. Elliott is committed to working with you to guarantee your pain never returns. Book Elliott
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